“King of the Honky Tonk”

My latest release, “King of the Honky Tonk” is available everywhere you stream and purchase music! You can link to many popular digital streaming platforms from https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mikekuster/king-of-the-honky-tonk.

I am so honored to have Grammy Award Winning and IBMA Fiddle Player of the Year (at least ten times), Michael Cleveland, playing on this song and more to come! Joining Mike and I on this song are Dr. Ford (producer, drums, keyboards, and background vocals), Chris Condon (guitars), and Caleb Mundy (bass guitar).

I hope you’ll play it all the way through to enjoy all we’ve worked on with this one. Please save it, buy it, and share it with all of your friends!

The lyric video is also available on YouTube:

“King of the Honky Tonk” Drops In Two Weeks

On July 16th, I’ll be dropping my next single, “King of the Honky Tonk”. You can pre-order and pre-save on July 9th!

This one is a lot of fun! Along with my usual cast of amazing studio musicians (Chris Condon, Caleb Mundy, and Dr. Ford), Michael Cleveland, the virtuoso on the fiddle, joins in to bring my music to life!

Be sure to keep an eye on my hyper-follow page for “King of the Honky Tonk” for pre-order and pre-save links.

“Hurt Again” Debuts on Music Row Chart

“Hurt Again” debuted on Music Row’s Chart this week at #151!

I am blown away by this introduction to the chart!

Thanks so much to Country Radio for the air play and to all of you for requesting and playing my music! I also can’t thank my team in Nashville, Dr. Ford, Chris Condon, and Caleb Mundy enough for their contributions to make this sound so awesome! Of course, Ed Carter has been working diligently to get country radio to listen and play my music.

Listening Party

Hey Friends!

I want to invite you to a free event I’m doing on Applause! I’m going to host a live listening party for up to fifty guests on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

I’m going to play the first four studio recordings that we’ve done in Tennessee. I may even have a sneak peek at the fifth song, because we’re heading back to the studio next week to record some more of my first studio album.

We can chat about the songs, my music, or just life in general. I’ll probably play a few songs, and we can just hang out for an hour.

The kind folks at Applause asked me to join their platform as an artist as they’re preparing to do a full launch. So, this will be my first event with them. Applause is built on Zoom. So, you’re probably familiar with how it works after the past year.

You can sign up at https://applause.stream/event/MikeKuster/ListeningParty.

Tonight’s 222nd Episode of My “COVID Sessions”

I hope you’ll join me tonight for the 222nd Episode of my “COVID Sessions“! I’m going to perform an original song, and follow up with some George Jones, a Johnny Cash poem that the Lumineers recorded for “Johnny Cash Forever Words”, a Merle Haggard song, and a couple George Strait songs to celebrate his birthday earlier this week.