I am so excited to share my new recording of “The COVID Floor” with all of you! You can get links to “The COVID Floor” on your music provider of choice as they become available by going to my distributor’s Hyperfollow page at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mikekuster/the-covid-floor

An early listen to “The COVID Floor”

Your support of this song spurred me to do more with my music than just play in my den. So, I started working with a producer in Nashville. We gathered musicians to help me bring my music to life. We each sat down in a studio, individually and communicating through video, and began recording my songs and music.

I am honored to have some of the best in the business working with me in the studio.

Dr. Ford is producing the music. He’s also performing keyboards, drums, and providing some of the back-up vocals. When we first started talking about my music and he heard my acoustic recordings, he picked up on exactly what I wanted in the songs. It has been a great pairing.

One of my first conversations with Dr. Ford concerned instruments. I wanted to be sure that we have real live instruments played by real artists. I also wanted to be sure that we have a country sound with those real instruments. Of course, a steel guitar was part of that formula.

Chris Condon plays acoustic and electric guitars on the album we’re producing. Chris is amazing. He picks right up with my music and adds so much of his own experience performing on the road and in the studio with a host of Country Music stars. Chris is Musical Director and guitar player for Billy Ray Cyrus.

Caleb Mundy brings his totally cool vibes to these recordings with his bass guitar. His talent with the bass cannot be overstated. He literally says something like, “you want me to Brooks and Dunn this one up?” Then, he does it. He is fantastic. Oh yeah, he’s also an attorney by day!

Gary Carter encapsulates exactly what I wanted in an artist on this album. Gary’s resume is unparalleled. Among the many artists on whose albums you’ll hear him play, my personal favorite is Randy Travis. I can’t leave off that he is also a Maryland boy!

Gary plays pedal steel guitar on “The COVID Floor.” I was really happy with the song when we finished guitars, bass, and vocals. When Gary added the steel guitar, I couldn’t believe the transformation!

“The COVID Floor” will be released to all digital streaming platforms and stores on Friday, January 8, 2021. I hope you’ll stream it, buy it, share it, and love it!

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike