Topping the “Chart-Topping Artists” Playlist

It has been a GREAT week for “The COVID Floor”! From amazing video views on the lyric video to the tens of thousands of streams!

Yesterday, I made it to #1 on the ReverbNation Country Chart locally, and #7 for the region.

This morning, I was sent a link to the “Chart-Topping Artists” Playlist at ReverbNation!

Mike Moves to Number 1 on Local Chart

I am humbled by your support!

ReverbNation moved me to #1 Locally on their Country chart!

Their chart is based on how many people listen to my music, watch my videos, follow me through social media, and follow me through their site.

I sit at #7 on the regional chart, and #259 nationally, and #329 globally! Heck, I’ll take all of that.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I’d even be sharing my music with anyone, I’d have laughed them away.

So, thanks to everyone for listening, sharing, liking, following, and watching! Please keep listening, sharing, and liking!

I’m very happy to say that there is more music coming!

A Comment to Make My Day

I think I should read comments on my YouTube Channel more often. I happened to notice a few messages from YouTube on my phone. So, I clicked and read through.

To my surprise, there was a comment from Steve Key. Steve wrote “33 45 78”, which I covered in November. Kathy Mattea recorded the song on her 1992 album “Lonesome Standard Time.”

Getting a message from the songwriter of one of my favorite songs is beyond my expectations. More exciting, Steve liked my version, “I like your version, good vocal too.”

Steve’s version of his song is posted at Steve is an award winning songwriter. Steve’s latest album is “How I Learned to Drink”. You can learn more and hear more of his music at his web site,