I think I should read comments on my YouTube Channel more often. I happened to notice a few messages from YouTube on my phone. So, I clicked and read through.

To my surprise, there was a comment from Steve Key. Steve wrote “33 45 78”, which I covered in November. Kathy Mattea recorded the song on her 1992 album “Lonesome Standard Time.”

Getting a message from the songwriter of one of my favorite songs is beyond my expectations. More exciting, Steve liked my version, “I like your version, good vocal too.”

Steve’s version of his song is posted at https://stevekey.bandcamp.com/track/record-time-33-45-78. Steve is an award winning songwriter. Steve’s latest album is “How I Learned to Drink”. You can learn more and hear more of his music at his web site, https://stevekey.com.

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike