All of you reading this, sharing my music, and requesting air play of “The COVID Floor” are making a HUGE impact! I am so grateful for all of your support. Not only do I recognize and feel the love, but others are noticing it, also.

Airplay and streams are up for “The COVID Floor” all over the world! The Lyric Video for “The COVID Floor” is being picked up by music television services, and views on various online platforms has now surpassed 30,000!

Pandora offers a tool called “Next Big Sound” that lets you see how your music is streaming on their service and how your overall social media presence is doing. I logged on today to see this:

“Mike Kuster has PASSIONATE audience engagement. Mike Kuster performed best on Facebook, seeing an average of 733 talking about this per day over the last 30 days, which is 733x the expected activity . . .

Audience Engagement captures the relationship between recent fan activity and overall audience size. Next Big Sound identifies four levels of audience engagement: Occasional, Moderate, Strong, and Passionate.”

Passionate is exactly how I would describe all of you! I spoke with a radio promoter today who noted that you all are proving the industry insiders wrong, because you are showing your love for country music that is being made independently and without corporate influence.

Every stream, share, comment and message I receive means so much to me! So, I want to thank all of you for spreading the love of my music!

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike