A year ago this week, I wrote “The COVID Floor”. My wife had been working on the COVID Floor of our local hospital for a few weeks at that point.

In those early days, we knew nothing about this disease. We also quickly found out how unprepared the world was for a pandemic. My wife and her co-workers were having to disinfect disposable PPE to reuse it. When they ran out of those, they were wearing beauty salon drapes onto which volunteers sewed straps. They wore paper protectors stapled to hair bands for face shields, and were re-using N95 masks covered in sweat and makeup stains.

After some prompting by my daughter and a friend, I shared a video of me playing this song.

With the support of many of you, I released that acoustic version which led me to a producer, musicians, and a promoter who helped me bring my song to life in the studio version of the song.

I know we are all sick of this disease. Some radio stations are afraid to play my song, because of COVID fatigue. I hope that you all will continue sharing and streaming my song, and even call your local radio stations to request they play “The COVID Floor“.

Thanks for continuing to support my music! You all mean the world to me!


Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike