Thanks for Voting “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” #1 on New Music Monday

WOW! Thanks so much for all of you voting “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” # 1 on New Music Monday. You all came through with your texts!

Thanks to Buck McCoy and Debi Fee for including my song on your show!

Lots of love to the listeners at WNHE, WNVV, KKUL, and KLDL for your votes!

Shae Austyn and KPUR Put “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” on “The Real Country Discovery” Show

A big thanks to Shae Austyn for including “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” on her show “The Real Country Discovery” on KPUR in Amarillo, Texas.

Shae shared this on social media over the weekend, “Here is this month’s Real Country Discovery! I loved this months show, it had such a great mix of the different styles of Independent country music!”

“Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” Climbing Independent Music Chart

I got such a nice e-mail this afternoon that pointed me to listen to Independent Music Network’s August syndicated radio show and their Country Chart. I was blown away!

These great folks featured “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket on their “IMN Hot Summer Hits Country Radio Special”. You can listen to the first segment right here:

What really blew me away was that “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” is currently at #22 on their Top 40 Country Chart! You can vote to keep it climbing the charts at

Thanks so much to Debi Fee, Buck McCoy, KLDL and KKUL for all the airplay and support!