The CD’s have arrived in the offices of MJK Music!

My second studio album, Country So Fresh You Have To Check Your Boots, drops on June 9, 2023 to streaming services. You can pre-order a digital copy from your platform of choice at You can order a CD from right here on my site, and I’ll sign it and send it to you right away!

I am so excited for everyone to hear this album. We’ve been working on this album over a year now, and it’s been all I could do to keep some of these songs in the vault. I’ve added a few to the set list over the past year, and have now released three to streaming platforms. Those are the tip of the iceberg with this album.

I don’t know that I’ve shared the track list with anyone outside of my family and the few folks who work side-by-side with me every day. So, here’s what’ on this album:

  • Front Porch Swing
  • You Make Me Need To Cheat
  • What If She Says Yes
  • Frog Eye Mud Bog
  • No Happiness
  • Country So Fresh You Have To Check Your Boots
  • Whiskey Sorrow
  • Think I’ll Celebrate By Going Away
  • Back To Feagaville
  • Her Name In Red
  • Ora Lee
  • All The Women I Want Are Already Married
  • Mountain Streams and Autumn Leaves

Writing these songs and producing them in the studio with Dan, Chris, Caleb, and Mike continues to be the greatest labor I’ve undertaken outside of raising my beautiful children. These songs are like my children. So, setting them free to the world and watching them in the wild is very similar to raising my kids.

When I perform these live with The Catoctin Cowboys, it is so gratifying to see and hear the folks react to them. It fills my heart with joy.

Now, I just hope you all love it as much as I do.

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike