Watch the skies for the “Snallygaster” as Mike Kuster releases the first song from his original Halloween EP to digital streaming platforms on September 22, 2023. You can pre-save at

“The Snallygaster has haunted Catoctin and South Mountains in my neck of the woods for centuries. We have all been watching the skies for this beast since we were children,” Mike shares.

“When I think of a scary monster, the monsters on this album come to my mind first. The Snallygaster is forefront of all of them. Nothing could be more terrifying than a flying cycloptic monster with tentacles pulling its victims into the sky and sucks the blood of its prey!”

The Snallygaster is an old legend that gained a lot of notoriety in the early 20th Century as newspapers around the world covered the sightings of the beast. President Theodore Roosevelt was reported to have planned on cancelling an international trip to form a hunt for the beast.

Mike explained, “I wanted to bring back some of those fun songs I remember singing at school as a child around Halloween. These songs bring these tales and creatures out to a new generation to enjoy. I really can’t wait for folks to enjoy them.”

Mike assembled the same stellar studio team he’s used on his first two critically-acclaimed albums. Dr. Ford produced the EP and provides drums and keyboards to the mix. Grammy and IBMA award-winning fiddle player, Michael Cleveland, plays fiddle. Chris Condon, best known as Billy Ray Cyrus’ guitar player and music director, plays guitars for Mike’s albums. Caleb Mundy brings his distinctive bass playing to the album.

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