In March, Mike will be making some 7″ records with Leesta Vall as part of their Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions project.

“This is a super cool concept, and I’m so excited and honored to be a part of it.”

When you order one, you choose your song, Mike performs it live as the record is cut in real time, and then you’ll be the only owner of that particular live performance, ever, in the world, for all time!

“I do a unique take of a song per vinyl, so if 3 people order the same song that’s 3 different records! You’ll have a completely one-of-a-kind record to play on your cool record players (or if you don’t have a record player, to keep on a shelf knowing you’re cool and have something no one else has 🙃).”

It’s preorder only! So, go to and place your order now!

“It’d mean the world to me if you get one and let me sing something special for you!”

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike