Mike was recently in Brooklyn, NY to record a special series of custom direct-to-vinyl albums at Leesta Vall studios.

Each of the fifteen 7″ vinyls was pre-ordered by fans with their favorite songs from Mike’s catalog requested. Mike performed each song along with a special message for each fan. Leesta Vall sound engineer Gules recorded the performance directly to the vinyl albums. So, each one is a unique collectors edition.

Those albums began shipping out today!

If you’re interested in your own custom 7″ vinyl, let us know. We’re considering doing another session next year.

As an added bonus, we recorded some songs digitally in that studio for a feature show Mike recorded in Akron, Ohio with The Summit FM. We’ll share that show when it’s released.

Here are some photos Kate took during the recording session.

Mike also loved driving through Manhattan and SoHo. He and Kate loved it so much, they made a video!

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate your input! - Mike