“Hurt Again” Debuts on Music Row Chart

“Hurt Again” debuted on Music Row’s Chart this week at #151!

I am blown away by this introduction to the chart!

Thanks so much to Country Radio for the air play and to all of you for requesting and playing my music! I also can’t thank my team in Nashville, Dr. Ford, Chris Condon, and Caleb Mundy enough for their contributions to make this sound so awesome! Of course, Ed Carter has been working diligently to get country radio to listen and play my music.

Listening Party

Hey Friends!

I want to invite you to a free event I’m doing on Applause! I’m going to host a live listening party for up to fifty guests on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

I’m going to play the first four studio recordings that we’ve done in Tennessee. I may even have a sneak peek at the fifth song, because we’re heading back to the studio next week to record some more of my first studio album.

We can chat about the songs, my music, or just life in general. I’ll probably play a few songs, and we can just hang out for an hour.

The kind folks at Applause asked me to join their platform as an artist as they’re preparing to do a full launch. So, this will be my first event with them. Applause is built on Zoom. So, you’re probably familiar with how it works after the past year.

You can sign up at https://applause.stream/event/MikeKuster/ListeningParty.

Tonight’s 222nd Episode of My “COVID Sessions”

I hope you’ll join me tonight for the 222nd Episode of my “COVID Sessions“! I’m going to perform an original song, and follow up with some George Jones, a Johnny Cash poem that the Lumineers recorded for “Johnny Cash Forever Words”, a Merle Haggard song, and a couple George Strait songs to celebrate his birthday earlier this week.

Pre-Order & Pre-Save “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket”

Hey Friends,

You can pre-save and pre-order my newest single “Daddy’s Blue Jean Jacket” on all your favorite streaming services today! The song will be released on May 7, 2021, but you’ll have it sitting in your library of music!

Just go to https://mikekuster.net/bluejeanjacket and click the link to your preferred digital music store!

15% Off Merch Sale Extended

Our 15% Off Sale on All Merch has been extended through the end of the month!

Purchasing merch helps me pay the bills! Studio musicians, the producer, studio time, promotion, and distribution all add up. You can help by purchasing merch and music!

Sale Extended! Everything is on SALE!

Sale prices as marked. Ends 4/30 at 5 PM CT.

A Year Later . . .


A year ago this week, I wrote “The COVID Floor”. My wife had been working on the COVID Floor of our local hospital for a few weeks at that point.

In those early days, we knew nothing about this disease. We also quickly found out how unprepared the world was for a pandemic. My wife and her co-workers were having to disinfect disposable PPE to reuse it. When they ran out of those, they were wearing beauty salon drapes onto which volunteers sewed straps. They wore paper protectors stapled to hair bands for face shields, and were re-using N95 masks covered in sweat and makeup stains.

After some prompting by my daughter and a friend, I shared a video of me playing this song.

With the support of many of you, I released that acoustic version which led me to a producer, musicians, and a promoter who helped me bring my song to life in the studio version of the song.

I know we are all sick of this disease. Some radio stations are afraid to play my song, because of COVID fatigue. I hope that you all will continue sharing and streaming my song, and even call your local radio stations to request they play “The COVID Floor“.

Thanks for continuing to support my music! You all mean the world to me!


One Year at Home

Today marks one year since Maryland’s Stay At Home Order was issued! Schools had been locked down already for a few weeks. On March 30th, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (the DMV locally), all went into lock down.

So began this musical journey I embarked upon. Since then, I’ve produced and shared 213 episodes of “COVID Sessions”, released two EPs, two singles, one CD of acoustic recordings, and two singles produced in Nashville by Dr. Ford. A third single will be released in May, and we are still recording songs that I’ve written!

Thank you all so much for your support.

To remember the toll of this pandemic on all of our lives, here is the song that I wrote a year ago: